#3 Conchigliette

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#3 Conchigliette
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Fun Fact


The beautiful little sea-shells derive their name from the Italian word 'conchiglia' meaning sea-shell.

Recipe from Izzie Cox using Northern Pasta Co Conchigliette


...of pasta perfect for winter soups or summer salads. These cute little shells are a great substitute for Orecchiette or Orzo.

Don't underestimate this little shell. Each piece the perfect curve for sauce holding, while also adding heaps of texture to your dish.

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Conchigliette pairings

We always use our Conchigliette in a one-pot recipe. Just pop it in the pan with your sauce, and this little beauty brings your dinner to life.

This little shape is also brilliant for kids as it is totally delicious with a dollop of pesto and grating of cheese.

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