flour & water

and that's it...

Our pasta is crafted using British grown Spelt

  • grown in britain

  • crafted by us

  • fully recyclable

  • vegan


We craft all our pasta ourselves in small batches meaning we know exactly what goes in to making our delicious Northern Pasta.

Using the finest grains from organic and regenerative British farms, we keep our pasta simple and delicious.

Our Story

WHY Spelt?

An Ancient Grain Powerhouse

Believed to have been cultivated as far back as 2000BC.


Spelt is known for its low gluten content as well as its beautiful nutty flavour. The natural gluten it does have is more water soluble, meaning it is easier to digest making Northern Pasta light & delicious.

Regenerative Farming

Unliked our modern wheats that have been genetically modified (which is why we struggle to digest them!) Spelt has not been.

This means it is much more resilient to pests & diseases making it the perfect crop to grow regeneratively as it does not need chemicals to protect it. Instead livestock, pollinators & beneficial insects can help the Spelt to thrive.

Which is better for you & for the planet.

British Grown

Spelt is grown in Britain!

This keeps our carbon footprint low while celebrating British farmer & millers.

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