A Pair of Pasta Lovers

Married over a bowl of pasta...

Love at first bite

We are Matt & Imy. Husband & Wife. Pasta Crafter & Pasta Eater. On a mission to create out of this world pasta while celebrating British farmers & incredible British grains.

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Our Spelt is grown in Britain using regenerative farming methods

British Grown Grains

Our desire for delicious, British pasta that celebrates British farming, cares for the planet & takes care of our gut-health led us to Northern Pasta.

Our Spelt is grown using regenerative farming methods that nurture biodiversity, soil-heath and ecosystems.

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Northern Pasta Co Conchigliette is crafted using traditional Italian methods.

Small Batch

We craft all our pasta ourselves from our Northern Pasta HQ on the outskirts of the Lake District.

Crafting in small batches means each pasta piece gets the love it deserves.

Our award-winning British Pasta is created with our signature flour blend of carefully sourced British grains & use traditional Italian methods to craft our pasta.

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All our shapes are extruded through Italian Bronze Dies.

This is why our pasta has such incredible texture, that rough surface giving it perfect pasta sauce holding capabilities.

Small batch. Bronze Cut. Slow dried. Radiatori. British Pasta.

Slow Dried

We take it low and slow.

Our pasta is slow dried to develop flavour & texture while not burning the starch. This means our pasta is lighter & kinder to your tummy, making it easier to digest.

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  • Be Delicious

    Proper Pasta Perfection.

    Because life is too short not to indulge in comforting bowls of pasta.

  • Nurture Nature

    Source carefully & thoughtfully. We work with some of the best British farmers, using regenerative farming techniques to enhance biodiveristy & invest in our ecosystems.

  • Keep Creating

    Celebrate more British grains. Create more shapes. Work with more British farmers. The Northern Pasta Journey is only just beginning.

The Story so far...