#4 Casarecce

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#4 Casarecce
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Fun Fact

pronounced: cah-sah-ret-chee

Casarecce originated in Sicily and literally means 'homemade.' This delicious pasta was originally crafted by rolling pasta dough around a thin wooden rod.

Hannah Wilding creates this delicious pasta recipe with our Casarecce

Rolled up scrolls...

...of pasta, with curled edges and grooves for ultimate sauce-holding.

Matt's favourite shape, our Northern Pasta Casarecce has incredible bite and texture. Wonderfully chunky, it compliments pestos perfectly.

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Casarecce pairings

We do love our Casarecce. A more unusual shape, eating this feels like a real treat. I love to whizz up a traditional Sicilian pesto with this using fresh, seasonal ingredients, finished with gratings of delicious pecorino.

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