What Makes Northern Pasta SO Different?

What Makes Northern Pasta SO Different?


#1 British Grown

There is so much. Once you try it you won’t go back….but to get to the nitty gritty…

Firstly we use our own, carefully crafted unique blend of flours which gives our pasta its distinctive nutty taste.

We source all our flour from British millers. We don’t ship flour from Italy, instead we support British growers & millers.


#2 Bronze Dies

We use traditional methods to craft our pasta. We use Bronze Dies to extrude our pasta. Most pasta is made using Teflon dies which gives a smooth, texture-less pasta. We do the opposite!

Our Bronze Dies ensure each piece of pasta has a beautifully rough texture which is perfect for holding onto your sauce, and tastes delicious too!

#3 Slow Drying

Another traditional method we use is slow drying.

Most pasta is blasted with high heat for a short amount of time which damages the nutrients and creates very bland pasta. We do the opposite!

We take it low & slow with our pasta. This maintains all the nutrients, enhances the flavour AND makes it easier to digest. Resulting in a delicious pasta that is a bouncy, has the perfect bite and is full of flavour.


#4 Small Batch

We are a small husband and wife team doing everything from stamping our bags to extruding our pasta. It is small-batch and care we make each bag with so much love, care and attention as all true artisans do!