In conversation with Northern Pasta co-founder and head pasta maker Matt

In conversation with Northern Pasta co-founder and head pasta maker Matt

Without Matt there simply is no Northern Pasta, over the last two years he's been perfecting our recipe, to craft our no-compromise pasta. 

Day to day, Matt is busy making pasta to meet your orders, we managed to catch him after a casarecce shift, so you can get to know him a little better! 

What lead you to co-founding Northern Pasta Co?
We were at a point in our lives where we were ready for a new adventure so when Imy came to me with the idea it immediately grabbed my attention. It was always going to be a huge task to learn the art of pasta making but as a food lover, builder and a creative type I grabbed it by the horns.

You're head pasta maker, what does this involve?
The majority of my time is spent crafting Northern Pasta, we are currently making it 6 days a week! And although it sounds simple, we use two ingredients: flour & water, it’s a bit of an art. I set out to make the best pasta, it had to have that chewy, bouncy texture, it had to taste wholesome, have flavour, look beautiful, grab sauce, cook quickly, be kind to your gut and to the planet…I had a entire ven -diagram of all of these qualities and I wanted to target dead centre. Which is where we came up with no compromise pasta.
That’s not easy, especially being a perfectionist. Everyday I have to make sure what I am making hits this target. Working with our miller and farmer helps hugely, understanding what is going on on the ground means I am constantly learning and adapting.

Do you have any personal favourite food brands?
Yep! Their garlic Chilli Oil with Beef is always in the fridge. Just ordered more of it through DELLI. At the moment it’s going on my eggs, in ramens, cheese on toast…
Lamiri Harissa is also a big one. I’m not the most confident chef in the kitchen, but a dollop of this and I’m away.

Northern Pasta works closely with British farmers, why do you choose to do this?
Northern Pasta is all about food for the future. Before any pasta was even made it was fundamental that we worked with British farmers. Being able to stand in the field, with the farmer and milller where your grains is grown, is surreal and brilliant. I am so closely connected with the grain and its journey to me. Which means our pasta community can connect to the origins of their food too. I can also understand our impact on the planet in much greater detail, and also understand what exactly it is we are making, so what you and I are eating. This is so fundamental in making the best pasta possible

A trip you've been on which has inspired you?
Any trip to Italy. But specifically eating Wild Boar Ragu in Montefioralle overlooking the Tuscan hills (the day before we got married!) There’s so much memory and emotion in food and the Italians do this so well. Now anytime I eat ragu im whisked straight back there. I love the way food can transport you to places. My hope is our pasta brings joy to dinners and creates memory’s for people too.

Do you have a favourite pasta shape?
Of our current range, Casarecce. It’s so chewy and so good for my leftover lunches the next day. But I think my absolute favourite is coming later this year!!

What do you cook at home?
I have a few solid go to's. I love a throw it all in, leave it cooking low and slow type dinner. I’m good at a ribollita. I have a faithful Anna Jones recipe and basically just use any leftovers in the fridge. And always some Conchigliette!

We'll share Matt's ribollita recipe with you soon, in the meantime though, there's pasta to be made, back to it Matt.