Northern Pasta X Wildfarmed

Northern Pasta X Wildfarmed

Our Northern Pasta x Wildfarmed Conchiglie is finally here!!


We've crafted our British Spelt Conchiglie with the planet in mind, working with the coolest kids on the regenerative flour block to bring proper planet-loving pasta to the people!

We came across these guys a while ago now. Love what they stand for, the movement they are behind and the change they are trying to create. Wildfarmed grow wheat the right way so that it tastes better, is better for you and is better for the planet.

So without further ado, let’s find out more about

Northern Pasta X Wildfarmed Conchiglie!

Conchiglie…tell me more..

A champion of dinners, our Conchiglie celebrates the best REGENERATIVE FARMING methods. Made using Wildfarmed regenerative wheat grown in fields full of birds, bugs and bees, our Wildfarmed Conchiglie is better for taste, nutrition and environmental impact. Northern Pasta is lighter & kinder to your gut with a beautiful nutty, earthy flavour.

These shells scoop up your sauce in their curves, making them great for pasta bakes, ragus and chunky sauces.

The ridges on this Conchiglie give this beautiful pasta shape an incredible texture, for sauce-grabbing, mouth-watering deliciousness.


We love our Conchiglie in a pasta bake. I always make it with a leftover ragu from the night before, which means FLAVOUR and heaps of Pecorino, some torn mozzarella and any other cheese we have in the fridge. The shells hold the ragu so beautifully, giving a perfect mouthfull every time.

What is Wildfarmed?

Wildfarmed exists to create a viable alternative to the current, industrial food system. Their regenerative flour has the power to transform pasta and other everyday foods into food that makes a difference. Wildfarmed are on a mission to help farmers put soil-health at the centre of all decisions, by using companion plants alongside the WF crops, growing species rich cover crops and integrating livestock.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Regenerative Agriculture improves the environment by increasing biodiversity, nurturing soil health and creating more complex ecosystems for more nutritionally dense food to thrive in.

What does this look like in action?

Regenerative farming methods mean no insecticides, herbicides, fungicides are needed. Instead the system is managed naturally. Wildfarmed crops are grown with companion plants or as bi or poly-crops. When the soil microbiome isn’t being fed by photosynthesis, soil health is depleted. Living roots found in cover crops are key, protect your microbiomes. WF bring livestock to graze on overwintered cereals or cover crops to recycle nutrients as an important contribution to soil biology.


For Wildfarmed this means:

Carbon Negative
No ‘cides
No river pollution
More antioxidants
Increased biodiversity
Prioritises farmer welfare
100% traceable supply chain

What does this mean for Northern Pasta?

Wildfarmed flour brings flavour! And we put this down to the natural and regenerative ways in which he farms the crop. Which in turn makes our pasta incredibly delicious.

It also makes our pasta better for you and better for the planet as the ‘cides and artificial inputs that can be so damaging to our health and the environment have been removed.

When can I get hold of this new pasta?

You can shop our delicious WF Conchiglie on our website now and in select stockists.