Our exciting pasta collaboration uses Wildfarmed Regenerative Flour to create comforting bowls of pasta with a conscience.


#3 Conchigliette
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Where do you want your food to come from?

Wildfarmed exists to create a viable alternative to the current, industiral food system. Their regenerative flour has the power to transform pasta and other everyday foods into food that makes a difference.

Wildfarmed are on a mission to help farmers put soil-health at the centre of all decisions, by using companion plants alongside the WF crops, growing species rich cover crops and integrating livestock.

Recipe from Izzie Cox using Northern Pasta Co Conchigliette

wildfarmed shells...

The ridges on this Conchiglie give this beautiful pasta shape an incredible texture, for sauce-grabbing, mouth-watering deliciousness.

These larger shells scoop up your sauce in their curves, making them great for pasta bakes, ragus and chunky sauces.

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Conchiglie pairings

We love our Conchiglie in a pasta bake. I always make it with a leftover ragu from the night before, which means FLAVOUR and heaps of Pecorino, some torn mozzarella and any other cheese we have in the fridge. The shells hold the ragu so beautifully, giving a perfect mouth full every time.

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