#1 Radiatori

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#1 Radiatori
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Fun Fact


The Radiatori shape is believed to have been inspired by the radiator grill in the Bugatti during the 1960s.

Northern Pasta Co's Radiatori used by Florence Blair to create the most comforting bowl of pasta

Short, Chunky Ruffles...

...of pasta with a delightfully bouncy texture. Each Radiatori ridge holds onto your sauce while giving a wonderful texture to your dish!

The large surface area makes it perfect for absorbing and holding onto the sauce, with the ruffles trapping finely chopped vegetables or meaty ragus.


Radiatori pairings

We love our Radiatori with a rich ragu and plenty of parmesan. Or, for the ultimate comfort eating, our Radiatori is the perfect upgrade to your mac 'n' cheese.

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