#2 Fusilli

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#2 Fusilli
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Originating in Southern Italy, it was crafted by twisting spaghetti around thin rods. Dry in the Italian sunshine, this then became the Fusilli we know and love today.

Twisted Spirals...

...of pasta. This pretty spindle shape holds onto your sauce in all its lovely grooves.

The most versatile, much-adored and everyone's favourite, Northern Pasta Fusilli is the perfect pairing for any sauce. It's robust, chunky shape also makes it perfect the next day in leftover, or dress up in pasta salads.

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Fusilli pairings

Our go-to after a long day at work. Just as delicious with a jar of pesto as it is with a slow-cooked homemade ragu. We often have the leftovers for lunch, brought to life with a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and always, an extra grating of parmesan.

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