The British Pasta People

The British Pasta People

If we could eat pasta every day we would.

But that’s not the only reason Northern Pasta came to be…


Like many we LOVE pasta, with pesto, a rich ragu, oooo a carbonara. Whether you are by the sea, in the sunshine, in front of the fire, at your favourite restaurant…we all have pasta memories that bring us sheer joy, comfort and quite often make us very hungry.

But we don’t all start a pasta business, so what made us…

We have always had a passion and devotion to food. As we learnt more about it we became more conscious of what we were consuming, avoiding overly processed foods, hunting out high quality and sourcing locally where possible. Working in the award-winning Lovingly Artisan bakery only furthered our knowledge. I began to understand flour, its properties, characteristics and benefits while becoming more concerned with prioritising gut-health.

But I would always come home from work to a bowl of supermarket bought pasta.

It was only when I realised that this was a contradiction to everything I advocated for did I start to try to find better alternatives, one that didn’t land so heavy in my stomach but tasted incredible at the same time, that celebrated British grains and beautiful flours.

It wasn’t long before we both realised what we were searching for didn’t exist.

And if you match the realisation of an opportunity with our all-or-nothing personalities, ultimately that is how Northern Pasta is born.

Northern Pasta celebrates British grown grains, focusing for now on Ancient Spelt, thought to have existed in Britain as far back as 2000 BCE (not the Robbie Williams millennium, just a little older). We are not importing from overseas but sourcing sustainably in Britain. We work with some incredible British millers, practicing relentlessly to finally craft our signature blend of flours to create pasta with the perfect texture, taste and bite.

Spelt is a beautiful grain, it is wonderfully nutritious and easier on your stomach. You will notice when enjoying Northern Pasta that it feels so much lighter, there is no heavy feeling, which is everything we were striving to achieve.

Spelt also gives our pasta its gloriously nutty taste. So drizzle it with olive oil, sprinkle it with parmesan, crack over some Black pepper, it needs nothing more…maybe a glass of wine.

So that’s our story. And now we want you to try it, take photos, devour it, eat it out of the pan, in front of the telly, under the stars, with your loved one, by yourself, with your kids. 

Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy it.

Happy Eating!

The British Pasta People