In Love With Spelt

In Love With Spelt


Pasta is a staple food that we all love. We eat it multiple times a week or if you are us, in the name of quality control, every day.

So why do we use Spelt?

Northern Pasta Co. is on a mission to change the way we enjoy pasta.

We have crafted a pasta that tastes incredible. It isn’t bland or stodgy or heavy. In fact quite the opposite.

Spelt brings the flavour. It gives it this beautiful nutty, comforting taste that we just cannot get enough of.

I know I always say this but you can actually eat it with just some melted butter and a sprinkling of your favourite cheese, IT IS THAT GOOD!

So tick, we have the flavour.


But also tick, we have lightness. It is light to eat and to digest. More often than not people find Spelt lighter on their stomachs, they don’t feel as heavy or sluggish. Why? Because the gluten in Spelt is more water-soluble. It is more fragile, thus easier to digest. So no, it isn’t gluten-free but IT IS easier on your stomach.

Before we started on this venture, I would find myself put off pasta because I would find myself choosing between significant bloating or the not-so-great-fairly-unpleasant-and-tasteless wholewheat/ low-gluten alternatives.


Now I can stuff my face in peace and harmony knowing that I am indulging in this gorgeous Ancient Grain, that nurtures my gut health.

Bringing this together with the traditional Italian methods we use to craft our pasta, we have created delicious eating experiences, so you can enjoy every last bite, including anything that is left in the pan and maybe pinching some from your partners plate.

Rediscover pasta, embrace Spelt and show your tummy some love.

Watch Tim Spector talk about Spelt in your pasta