Wildfarmed Conchiglie

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Crafted using Wildfarmed regenerative flour...

Made using our signature Spelt blend and delicious Wildfarmed regenerative flour, these Conchiglie shells scoop up your sauce in their curves, making them great for pasta bakes, ragus and chunky sauces. The Conchiglie’s endless ridges ensure every single pasta piece has an incredible texture, for sauce-grabbing, mouth-watering deliciousness.

Still deliciously light and nutty with an earthy, wholemeal taste that adds depth, texture and flavour to any dish.

Made using Wildfarmed regenerative wheat grown in fields full of birds, bugs and bees, our Wildfarmed Conchiglie is better for taste, nutrition and environmental impact. Find out more about Wildfarmed here.

ALLERGENS: Wheat, Gluten

WEIGHT: 450g per bag

Wildfarmed Conchiglie
Wildfarmed Conchiglie
Wildfarmed Conchiglie
Wildfarmed Conchiglie
Wildfarmed Conchiglie
  • Vegan

  • British Grains

  • Award-Winning

  • 100% Paper Packaging


Is Your Pasta Gluten-Free?

Our pasta is not gluten free and is therefore not suitable for coaliacs. We use Spelt to make our pasta, which contains less gluten. This gluten is also more soluble meaning it is much easier to digest. Our pasta is also slow-dried which makes it much easier to digest too. We have a lot of customers who struggle with gluten, enjoy our pasta. You will notice it is much lighter and nurtures your gut.

What is Spelt?

Spelt is an Ancient Grain, believed to have been cultivated since 5000BC. And this is good, because unlike a lot of our modern wheats it has not been genetically modified.
It does contain some gluten, but the gluten has not been altered, it is natural, therefore more soluble. It is the unnatural, large quantities of gluten in modern flours that our bodies often react to. Spelt has a gorgeous, nutty flavour.
All our Spelt is grown in Britain and we source it from British Millers.

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What's the best way to cook Northern Pasta?

Fill a large saucepan with lots of water & bring to the boil. Add a large pinch of salt (we want salty-seawater) & then add your pasta following the timings on the bag. Taste your pasta before the time is up for the best al dente bite. Drain in a colander. be sure to keep some cooking water. Toss in your delicious sauce adding the cooking water as needed to coat your pasta perfectly.

Is Your Pasta Vegan?

YES! Just British flour & water go into making our delicious pasta.

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