Radiatori with Pesto & Whipped Ricotta

Radiatori with Pesto & Whipped Ricotta

The fabulous Monday Pasta Club put this simple, yet utterly delicious recipe together with our No.1 Radiatori.

At Northern Pasta HQ Ed’s recipes are always a go to, make sure you check them out here and follow him for all the drool worthy photos @themondaypastaclub

Radiatori with Pesto & Whipped Ricotta

Serves 2 Cooking Time 15-20mins


150g Dried Radiatori
1 Clove of Garlic, peeled
Large Handful of Fresh Basil
1 Lemon
40g Grated Parmesan
35g Pine Nuts
6 tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
80g Ricotta


All images by Ed @themondaypastaclub



Place the Pasta into a pan of salted, boiling water

Meanwhile, make the pesto. Set the ricotta aside and add all the remaining ingredients, into a food processor (or a pestle & mortar). Work until it forms a smooth paste. Add a squeeze of Lemon and loosen with cooking water or Oil as needed. Taste at this point and season with Salt and/or Pepper.

To make the whipped Ricotta, simply add it to a small bowl with some Salt, Pepper and a pinch of Lemon Zest. Whip gently with a whisk until it lightens in texture.

Drain the Pasta, reserving some of the cooking water and tip into your saute pan along with the pesto. Toss until coated and divided into 2 bowls.

Finish with a spoonful of Ricotta, a little cracked Black Pepper and a drizzle of Olive Oil